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A stranger in the storm

March 21, 2007

You looked at me intensely,
stopping short across the lawns,
as I slipped and struggled to reach shelter…
the rain clinging to my lashes, blurring sight,
and a widening smile
as rivulets of the spring shower
traced their way down my nape…

“I’ve seen her before…” your eyes seemed to say,
your memory struggling to place me…
“where have I seen that smile,
and the way her hips sway…
where have I heard that husky voice
whisper in my ear…
where have I felt the touch of her fingers
sear a trail across my skin?”

“I’ve held her before…” your body cried out
as instinct made you reach out
to hold me steady…
“where have I experienced the urge
to freeze the passage of time
as kohl-lined eyes held me prisoner…
where have I heard myself softly say
‘I can never have enough of you’…
where have I held you close in my arms,
made love, fallen asleep and woken up beside you?”

“I’ve loved her before…” your heart murmured,
surprised by the passion I still ignited…
and you remembered, in a blinding instant,
those dreams of your youth…
the girl by you in the solitary mountain paths,
the one you carried in your thoughts
for conversation, company, companionship…
the one you let go, quietly,
in the valley where unborn dreams wander
and mutely weep, dying unnoticed…
and every so often, a dream escapes,
making its painful way to reality
and standing before you,
pitifully unaware that dreams belong in the past
or a distant uncertain future,
thought of abstractly, till a fly comes buzzing near
and you absently swot the air,
already planning what you’ll order for lunch…