June 18, 2013

Sunset, the opening act for the grand performance that is the star-studded summer night… teens in mixed groups, laughing, flirting, coyly taking the first steps in a life-long game of sexual catch… teens with curfews blithely ignored, bougainvillea blossom bouquets and hurried love-notes scratched on muddy tennis courts… teens at the dawn of their lives, fervently waiting for the curtained lights of sunset when lines are blurred and the fiery glow bathes adolescent skin in a forgiving blush… teens in crop tops and exaggerated poses of ‘cool’, hiding their anxiety to belong under an affected air of indifference… teens sharing confidences on the walk home, down jacaranda avenues where the summer draft has laid a lilac path of petals for them and the scent of old, old eucalyptus drifts down… beginnings and endings, a serpent eating its tail, an endless embrace…


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