When two become one…

December 4, 2010

Twin souls, lost and sundered
two visions hung in space
two moments that interlace
Two notes still unrendered

One heart breathing as two
one song echoing two tales
one whisper lifting two veils
oneness – just me and you…



  1. When I read you, it feels like a blanket on a cold night. Soothing, warm. Every line sinks right in. Sometimes, I wish I knew you beneath the strands of fabric you weave.

  2. My heart breaks every time I read your verse……

  3. V-twin
    one bike, two cylinders
    one chassis, two wheels
    brakes with the toes
    change gears with the heels

    horsepower is all we need
    thats when I feel the need…

    the need for speed

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