A glimpse at dusk…

November 19, 2007
”Lasha, tumne meri Levi’s ki jeans dekhi hai?” the question floats out to me in the kitchen.

“Haan bachhe, second shelf to the right… theek se dekho” I reply, in the midst of chopping onions, my eyes welling up. “Achha suno, when did they say they’re coming?”

“8 O’clock” he says, walking in and wrapping his arms around me “Tum ro rahi ho?”

“Haan” I reply, sticking my tongue out at him “meri phooti kismat pe”. We chuckle at our standard joke, drinking in each other’s presence. As I quickly drop the chopped onions into the pan, he looks around for something to do. “Plates nikaal do” I instruct, “aur salad ke liye cucumber kaat doge?”

Over the next fifteen mins, as I put together a simple meal of rajma, chawal and bhindi fry, we chat about what happened at work, who called & what they said, and what needs to be done before our dinner guests arrive. We tease, we laugh and we breathe, hardly aware of it.

And we love, hardly aware of it too…

There is a moment, when I know, in my bones, that I am exactly where I want to be…when the words flow exactly as fast or as slow as I like, where conversations and silences blend into each other, where breathing mingles & falls into a single rhythm… and I love, hardly aware that I do…



  1. like i said earlier, pretty sexy life!

  2. Kal..don’t try and make domestication sound cool..roofy’s not gonna stop taking your case 😀

  3. quoting mr. kal it is indeed a “pretty sexy life”…I had images flashing in front of me as I read along…location heavenly…food delectable and that one familiar reassuring glance…liberating!

  4. It was one of many perfect evenings, and hopefully there will be more soon… 🙂

  5. It’s amazing

  6. So beautifully written – loved it

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