One or Many…

February 26, 2007

I think we each carry inside us multiple selves… each responding to a different set of stimuli, each driven by a different cause… the need to recognize this multiplicity is manifested in our manifold worlds, both real and imagined…
At the same time, there is also the parallel need to understand these multiple selves and integrate it into a single appropriate response, a rational process for most part…

Same as the need to belong and yet be recognized as individuals… hence the flux… the need to be ‘one’ with another resulting in the endless quest for a soulmate and the need to leave a tangible proof of having existed resulting in being many…


One comment

  1. Are we really multiple entities within? A look inside would ideate an image of a singular persona deep within all the layers intricate, which gets broadened extensively through ages with experiential stimuli. A theory formulated of a core, dispersing varied energy output as a reaction to differential inputs. The more you look into your multiplicity, the more similarities you would recognize in the manifestation of your responses.

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