Love cocaine

February 26, 2007

Deadened are the senses
Here lives the beast
The war, it commences
In the shadows of the east

The blood is fast escaping
Into recesses of the numb
And every breath is screaming
Even though the man is dumb

His soul is mired in guilt
Of follies done and thought
His callused fingers play on
To forget the wrongs he wrought

This man, he lives in despair
And hollow is his life
The hollowness is dripping
From the blade of his knife

He holds on to his angst
Anchors it to his day
And everyday he watches
As his life fades away

This man, he needs to kill
The loneliness that kills him
Before his sorrow cascades
And spills over the brim

He needs a reason now
To hold on to his breath
—someone to pull him out
From the brink of death

Plunge the dagger softly—
Feed him the love cocaine
Pull him closer gently
—love him and ease the pain
…so the shadows whispered…


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