September 18, 2006

26th Feb 2005

A shade of tangerine
Will that be your cue?
I’ve watched from the shadows
Did you watch me watchin you?
Traced your every move
My gaze like burnin ice
Fell upon your back
Following the lies

A casual backward glance,
Do you take me for a fool?
Turn back to me now…
This may be our only chance
The fire smolders on,
And shadows dance across
The tangerine mask is falling
The shreds of doubt are gone

Falling through the ice
I cut across the shroud
Searching for my soul
I am cryin out loud
Hold my tears as they drop
Crimson is their shade
I plunge into the depths
And regret is the blade
I fall upon
In the twisted tangerine world
Of my making…



  1. sometimes… knowing you makes it difficult to read your blog – esp in an office setting where one is supposed to be professional.

    is that why I chose to return here like a thief, once in a while, when nobody knows im here?

  2. Love it!

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