An evening of existing…

August 25, 2006

An odd medley of people drawn from different walks of life sat around a circular table nursing their varied drinks–from red wine and vodka to scotch on the rocks and russian cocktails, the spirits flowed even as many sat puffing away a few more precious moments of their life…

From bantering about work to animated debates on the sex trade, the talk barely scratched the surface of the complex emotions and events that have the deepest impact on our lives… till dinner was finally done with and the numbers reduced to a few trusty steeds who could be relied on to drink the night away in reflections of a surreal kind…

There we were, seven of us, each with our own stories of tragedy and triumph, each wanting to share a bit of himself/herself without losing the veneer of absolute self-control… each half-listening to the conversation which had taken a poetic turn, and half musing about matters that tend to engage the human mind–namely, oneself…

As I sat there, I wondered how many here really knew me… more importantly, how many wanted to know me solely for my sake… not because it was the polite thing to do, not because they were looking to validate their assumptions or evaluate me against a standard, not because I might be of use to them sometime in the future… simplay because I was human, and I existed, here and now…

How often do we suspend judgment or conjecture and actually listen to someone, to their words, their nuances and their silences, in order to just understand a little and maybe to acknowledge, even celebrate the existence of that person simply because he lives and breathes and makes memories in a way that is unique to him…

That is what I experienced, for a brief instant… the comfort of being myself, feeling no threat nor any censure… and the mutual comfort of that instant may be the bond that brings us closer in some imperceptible way…


One comment

  1. i wanted you to know. i read ur blog regularly and i find great depth and similarity in our confusion 🙂

    Love the way u think and write

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