If Only I Were Sure

February 11, 2006

Still, stark,
in the shadows I stir…
a softly exhaled breath,
falling as dew on my nape,
carries the promise of tomorrow–
dare I dream?

Time–it matters little here,
where thoughts are fluid
and emotions transient,
only memories preserved
in the musty odors,
etchings on water…
the moment will pass,
maybe the memories too–who knows?

And yet, I am held…
invisible fingers on my wrist,
arresting me mid-flight–
rooted, I look for reasons
to justify my fear…
I find none.

Is it time passing by?
Maybe, just you and I…
How, then, do I give us time?
It matters little how long I’ve known,
just… how much.
And there’s no way of knowing
how much is enough…
sometimes, a lifetime won’t suffice
and sometimes,
a moment is all it takes…
pity, experience brings naught but self-doubt.

If only I were sure…


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