When Life Had Him On The Run….

June 30, 2005

When life had me on the run
When none of my battles were won
I looked for that single flame
And things have never been the same

There is no truth but that of deed
From the front we have to lead
And in our eyes that glint with steel
Never look for time’s wheel

Fear and loss, effect and cause
No need to ever pause
The sun flies with equal force
Despite our deep remorse

The trick is to not feel the pain
And you will not have fought in vain
The way of joy and that of light
Has always been in plain sight

In your heart and in your head
From the day of birth till when you’re dead
The only litany you need recite
I will make a day of night

What is death that you get scared?
Life is not what god has spared
It is yours by reason and choice
Speak then with your one true voice

The terrible courage you need to find
Lies sleeping somewhere in your mind
Give vent to anger but in silence rage
Life now is not a merry stage

Run all feelings through your brain
And never deign to see them again
Make your tears forever run dry
Learn to stifle even a sigh

Be silent yet speak with spirit
Words are false, bank on merit
Let others choke on the dust you raise
Unlock then this confounding maze

In all, go forth not for glory
The world’s is long enough a story
Think of freedom of soul and duty
Take every mortal moment’s beauty

For when the world is folly and come undone
And even angels are on the run
We will build a believable world
And then quit it all with flags unfurled.


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