Then he reassures… "Skin to Skin"

June 30, 2005

Skin to skin, soul to soul
we could partake from this golden bowl

Despair will fly, and castles rise
for joy comes in many a guise

Am I perfect to venture where
fancies flit without a care

Up close is where life resides
and near is too far besides

Flames are cleansing, terrible pure
before you jump, will you ever be sure

Freedom I choose again and again
encountering yet more silent pain

Strings are fickle, and always fraught
with danger, being always caught

In nets we craft not of our own design
woven by stars that do not align

In temples both human and not
narrow routes lead to rot

If laughter did not come and sing
amidst darkness given wing

If tides did not come and go
if elven lamps did not glow

If the beginning were not the end
if there was no proverbial bend

Would I then even look at the sky
believe it’s not all a lie

Tell me how often we may find
realized hope that frees the mind

Atop fallen gods and flimsy sand
fractured idols that ache to stand

We build on spirit ether and stars
spurning fear, danger and scars

Dust to dust, river to sea
only one audible plea

Meaning, moksha, procreation
past maya’s recreation

What then is paradise
but joy captured in a vise

For instants, or all our days
I would love all your ways.


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