She questions… "A Whisper Before Sunrise"

June 30, 2005

Raven tresses may yet spell your doom
Kohl eyes watch you across the room
Fingertips will find more than just empty air
Skin to skin, despair to despair

Reason fled, to make way for intrigue
Images flash, play hide-and-seek
Hope, then, and reach out your hand
Touch your dream, fashioned from sand

A cracked idol, or just a bit stained,
Perfection flawed, as fate ordained
Flawless from afar, easy to glorify—
Up close, would you still care to try?

Whence or whither is debatable
How or why questionable—
Yours maybe the icy flames, the sultry sky,
And yours the right to question why.

Yours too, the right to hold yourself back
To think, to weigh, to look before you act
Yours also the right to let intuition lead
To the path that answers your unspoken need.

Dive in and drown, swim around
Or remain, feet firm on the ground—
Dangers may lurk, shadows fall
Maybe again the anguish you so vividly recall

Then again,
If there’s ebb there’ll be a flow
A high to rival the lowest low
A rainbow through the mist and rain
Laughter in the midst of pain.

Yours to choose— freedom, or strings
And the glorious uncertainty it brings
Pitfalls abound, footholds are rare
But if we believe, we will get there

Where spirits entwine
In a sultry pantomime;
A whisper before sunrise,
Our own blend of paradise.


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