June 30, 2005

The power of an event can flow from its unresolvable heart, all the cruel and elusive elements that don’t add up, and it makes you do odd things, and tell stories to yourself, and build believable worlds.
—— Don DeLillo

But it’s only when we make believable worlds that they come into being – without the elusive elements and the odd things there are no ideas that become real – there are no hopes built on solid foundations or dreams that travel and last and are cherished. In short, the only events are those that we realize – the only worlds that exist are ones which we create and believe in – all else is illusion – the point is to have the courage to build the worlds we want – not to settle for the worlds that we think will ensure only existence. At the end of the day, and the end of the world, there are no substitutes for joy – yes, profound grief assails us when we lose our loved ones, when we see misery or pain, when we lose control of our faculties – but when living in between these losses which have no cure – there are only dreams and creation and you and your hands and what you can do with them and your mind and what you can think with it. And joy…………


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