June 30, 2005

Thank you. Yes, I’d get over there, NOW, if I were sure……of life, of you, of me. In some ways, I am……in some, well……

The mountains, and peace……someday, I’d like to spend a month or so, maybe more, in the Himalayas……‘keep my distance’ from the world. At the same time, sitting together under the conifers, rediscovering another, seems to me too attractive an offer to turn down.

58 is……still young. The soul is aeons old, there is much the soul knows and doesn’t tell—but the heart is still young, the mind still alert and the body still virile. Yes, the brood will come……and go; and yes, you will sit under the guava (or oaks or pines…….or whichever abound there), long after you are 58…… Life isn’t empty if you dare to take chances, as you well know. Whether you continue doing so even after some shattered illusions is entirely in your hands.

Publishing empire—maybe, maybe not. A brood—definitely yes.

Gita inspired………poet, philosopher, visionary, dreamer, patriot, smartass, lover, believer, cynic, atheist, pessimist………could there be anyone more contradictory? Yet, somewhere in the midst of all the carnival masks you keep donning and discarding, I catch a glimpse now and then of the ‘real’ you ……the man I’d like to get to know better; or perhaps, the man I already know, but need to recall I know. The soul knows……and so will you, when you look into ‘kohl-lined eyes, windows to her soul’. Maybe you already know.


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