Her understanding…

June 30, 2005

Maybe my catching you at your lowest point has something to do with the flutter in my tummy at those same times—a feeling of things being not quite alright. Like right now.

Words are inadequate after a while–some people take a lifetime to reach that stage, some get there sooner. What’s important is what replaces those words—something does, of that I’m sure. Could be doubt, despair, numbness, or peace…..

I don’t need anything except what you just gave me–telling me you feel the same way.

A reason to live—the darkest hour, they say, is just before dawn……if you’re at the lowest point now, there’s no place to go except up. The map’s in your head—all you have to do now is decide how much of yourself you wish to invest into learning how to read that map. It’ll take almost everything you’ve got, your heart and soul, but the returns more than justify the efforts put in.


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