Her song… "Echo of a Sigh"

June 30, 2005

In the confines of my mind
A vision surfaces, sometimes—
Holds me in its sway,
Tormenting, teasing, gay—
The promise of something more
The key to a locked door,
The path to forgotten bliss
Exquisite torture, this.
Dream on dream piles up,
I reach for the golden cup;
Hands stretched, body taut,
Fingertips search for naught—
The cup is smashed fragments
Trampled upon; mingled scents
Curl up, enmesh me and die—
The present, an echo of their sigh
The past, a full-blown rose
Petals scattered where the wind blows
And somewhere in between
I hang, unheard, unseen.

The rhythm fails to pause
Seeing no reason, no cause
To alter its haunting beat
Of melancholy; you rush to meet
Your poems dancing down the street
Rousing images of passion and heat.
Abruptly, a dangling dream arrests
The gaiety in your eyes
You hear the dismal cries
Rising in my breast.
Hushed tones, awed breath—
Hope in the last throes of death
Unseen, unheard, unequalled
Now crying, broken, appalled,
Crushed, oppressed, pounded,
Her worst fears well founded—
Looks up in mute appeal
To the one man who is real;
His eyes hold the secret,
His heart knows where they met.

Gazes fence in mid air,
Is there Hope beyond despair?
She, testimony for cynics
He, home where he hangs his hat—
The notes no longer flat,
Rise up to their pleonastic tricks.
I watch, a silent spectre,
Witness to a monumental war—
You watch too, knowing
The timbres no longer jar.
On tiptoes, your breath on me
You unhang my dreams for me.
Gossamer wings are torn,
Organza fantasies forlorn—
With the patience of Father Time
You patch the rents with hope
I need never again grope
In the darkness; the substance
Of your dreams comes true
All this passion now burns for you.


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