Her side of the story…

June 30, 2005

Kargil…..ideals and human life–which is more important? Does bloodshed actually solve any of the problems facing our world–sickness, poverty, fanaticism, and…fatalism? Never thought too much about how war would affect ME in particular….till a few weeks back. People I personally know–pilots, navigators, controllers–are in the forward areas and I cannot bring myself to think about their fate in case of a war. Maybe I’m being highly selfish, but their individual lives matter a lot to me, maybe even more than lofty ideals.
A lil verse, on the spot, to highlight the other side of war–the deep personal loss suffered by the Forces’ women, and the families of the soldiers.

Through the Eyes of the Forces’ Women

The Forces, to me, are a way of life
A family united amidst strife
Cantonments and camps, forward bases
War talks, peace times, measured paces
A settlement amidst wilderness
Parties, tambolas in the Mess
Gracious living, give and take
Men on attachment, wives lie awake
Two year sojourns, nomadic ways
Black out sirens, we count the days
War clouds loom large, fear grips
Fervent prayers escape silent lips
Fathers, brothers, husbands and sons
Friends, lovers, and men we knew once
Are out in the darkness, battling your fears
Bold and reckless, even as death nears
Gunfire or cannons, the result is same
Someone we knew is now dead, or maim
A year, maybe less—only statistics remain
To mark our losses and the country’s gain.


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