Her plaintive response…

June 30, 2005

Sometimes, we look down
The wrong end of the telescope,
Images skewed, out of focus—
But it’s not the death of hope.

The signs are there, God is near—
Call out, and he will hear……
A reason you ask, a tangible sign
Then look into these eyes of mine

And listen—what is sin?
Born of the passion within,
Untempered by cautions without,
Quicksilver shards of doubt.

Guilt is the shroud veiling God—
Let it fall, you won’t be any less.
If God were faultless,
This isn’t the path man would have trod.

God believes in you, I know—
Else why would He tell me so?
Your dreams are the same as His for you,
—and He sent me to tell you so.


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