Her hesitant query… "Twists and Turns"

June 30, 2005

Was it just yesterday
That spring was in the air,
I faced the world without a care—
And now the skies are grey.

Is it time that passes by—
A spindle twirling wild
Mercury’s fickle child—
Or is it you and I?

Maybe too much was said
Maybe too little revealed—
Old wounds have still not healed
Old issues still not dead.

Or, is Fear the fear that drives
The need to self- preserve,
Breaks down all reserves,
Spirals together our lives.

A soul connection exists
A silver-blue cord that binds
Spirit, heart and minds—
Strong inspite of twists

Twists of fate, fortune and chance—
We move in circles far apart
One ending where other starts
A Mobius strip inspired dance.

In a criss-crossing web of impulse
The silver blue soul cord stirs
Reaching out though quivering verse
Feeling each other’s pulse

Your eyes are wary now
Danger is much too near,
It may be as you fear—
You are drawn too close, somehow.

Much too close for comfort
Beside you, but miles away—
A ship longing for quay,
Loving arms to heal the hurt.

Conventions nullified—
Mould the games we play
With rules that mellow our way,
Annihilate the urge to hide.

Before you drop the pretence of might
And rest in love’s warm embrace—
Tell me,
Now that the image has a face,
Do you yearn for impaired sight?


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