Her again: "When Polarities Reverse"

June 30, 2005

Pain in pleasure, measure for measure
Penetrates every memory you treasure.
Silence, a cheat, scatters the calm
Screams in agony, wails in alarm.

Pleasure in pain, sadistic gain
Only intensifies the strain
Silence—falling like a soft shroud;
Silent, stricken, no longer proud.

Polarities reverse, prose to verse
Long to short, rambling to terse
Silence to words, to silence the mole
A bait to lure the unwary soul.

Verses live on, dusk to dawn—
The wary soul at daylight is gone
Reversal of roles, digression of goals,
Regret, stepping on hot charcoals

Opposite of love, as decreed above
Isn’t hate, but indifference to love
So go ahead, hate me today—
When polarities reverse, you’ll come my way.


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