He reminisces… "My Mother’s Dreams"

June 30, 2005

When I was a child I learned to pray
So happiness would come my way
Every chance I got, I would rush to cry
To God so one day he would let me fly
And every time someone would inquire
About this true and obsessive desire
I would smile, then laugh and clap my hands
Make airplane noises over hot desert sands
“How sweet” they would say, he dreams of flight
While I only longed to escape into night
So that I could find the comfort of dreams again
Long and vivid enough to sustain
Visions of azure skies and starry nights
Of night vision goggles and courageous flights
Of catching a train from Moscow to Vladivostok
Of free falling when Apollo would dock
Of discovering mermaids with hearts of gold
Of being a saint in a swami’s fold
Although I was taught to dream of other things
Of all things shiny that money brings
I remained true to both these roads
To my fragile pen and mighty swords
And I prayed with a child’s guile
Ever worried that my cunning could defile
God and bring my prayers to a black nought
For though my heart was true my mind was not
For when I prayed to him all-powerful and blue
I wished only for her dreams to come true
For I knew that in that request
My dreams were always blessed
For she prayed for me as well
Saying, god will listen, I can tell


One comment

  1. Well written… Cudn’t agree more!!!

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