He muses… "Gita Inspired"

June 30, 2005

Through the smoke and the haze
Through the world in a blaze
On the street, amidst the throng
In a community sing along
Keep distance

Through averted eyes and blank stares
Upturned noses and manic glares
Through perfumed gardens and sweaty streets
Through abattoirs of slaughtered bleats
Keep distance

Look at the sky, look at the sun
Don’t look back when you’re on the run
On your highway going nowhere
On the verge of every dare
Keep distance

From iris, pupils space & time
Dollar, cent, nickel and dime
From love and lust, hope and desire
For that matter from the world entire
Keep distance

Run for your life and run to be free
Run to find and run to see
For that increasing space binds
The hollowness of their minds
Keep distance

Searing spires of liquid hate
The twisty knots of fickle fate
Black despair in hopeless eyes
Broken promises, flowery lies
Keep distance

From all that’s fake and gleams
From the needless killing of innocent dreams
From explanation and recrimination
From destitution and coronation
Keep distance

From her misplaced trust
From the moon or bust
There are no truths to be found
There are no souls unbound
Keep distance

Stars recede while you implode
Its not just a long winding road
Art and craft, culture vultures
Were not created by he who nurtures
Keep distance

Lack of water, lack of a roof
A two mile walk, a cracking hoof
Malnourished children, no sign of a smile
Every statistics in the file
Keep distance

Mad dogs and pundits, wheeler-dealers all
They’ve never heard of Adam’s fall
A distant memory that restores your sight
Is promptly obscured by evil might
Keep distance

There is no devil, there is no God
Its part of religion’s great fraud
There is no heaven there is no hell
And goddamit, there’s no wishing well
Keep distance

As long as there’s food on your plate
As long as you’ve been on a date
As long as you live before you die
So long you can say you did try
Keep distance

And when you drive deep into the night
Crossing signs – keep left, keep right
See that those headlight beams
Don’t tear you apart at the seams
Keep distance.

Watch the road, not the evil eye
Whose face you will blacken at first try
Say Ok to tata, and horn please
Think of your children, think of your lease
And keep distance.


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