On and on turn the wheels….

May 9, 2005

On and on turn the wheels of time, and somewhere in the spokes I have burrowed a hole… and I lie there, as months turn to years, just waiting, while my soul is in splinters… self-destruction is all I know… other souls bleed in anguish for me, hold me close and feel my pain… but it is momentary, I know I cannot stay too long in comfort… I crave the angst, I feel alive when the knife is turning in my breast, and I find solace in the tangled web I weave, losing myself over and over in the torment of grief… pain is my destiny and my soul mate, this life is only so I can feel pain in all its varied hues… was it always this way? I cannot recollect… there were happier times once, long ago… when did I learn to submerge my pain and hide it from the world? When did I learn to go beyond the words and read the intent behind things? When did I learn to be lonely?


One comment

  1. Maybe because by experiencing pain,we think we get to know ourselves better..pathos seems to have more depth than laughter but in the end,it is just a safe-haven where you dont have to hope and be disappointed!I guess we just have to stop belittling the simple joys of life and start climbing ourselves out of the pit we dug ourselves!

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