She responds…"An Ordinary Indian Woman, and Her Man"

March 17, 2005

She breaks your fall, she’s your all
She is the reason you stand tall
She seldom cries, as she tries
To hold still while time flies
Your port in the storm
Eyes inviting and warm
She holds you near, stems your fears
She’s everything you hold dear
She’s all this and more
She takes you beyond the door
But, she’d not be this perfect song
If she hadn’t your love to lean on.
Your sinews to match her curves
Your bends to her swerves
Your steel to her nerves
Your desire to give all she deserves.
Your fire to match her ice
Your truth to her lies
Your anguish to her cries
Your smile to light her eyes
Your masks to her disguise
Your concern to mirror her own
Your arms to muffle her moan
Your joy to match her groan
Your touch when she feels alone
You strive to catch the rays
You move to match her ways
You cease to count the days
–yes, lust flits while love stays.


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