He dreams…."An ordinary Indian woman"

March 17, 2005

She holds you, curve for sinew, tight and dear
Clutching at life, love, drowning her fear
In the winds while you race on through the riot of color and noise
Her long hair grazes the world, eyes full of regal poise
Her touch full of possession, like waves to water fleeting
Like fire, like raindrops, like a secret meeting
Her scent in the breeze fills your senses
You hold her hand and her body tenses
Breasts taut, aching, soft yet yearning
And you drive, slowly learning
That souls entwine in strange ways
That lust flits while love stays

At home sitting on your couch don’t you gaze
At those eyes that blaze
With passion and joy for you alone
With hunger and sins for which you atone
The nape of her neck, the slope of her cheek,
The length of her legs renders you weak
The disdain in the curl of her lips
The power in the sway of her hips
And the wonderful joy in knowing
The tranquil pleasure that rises glowing
That she is yours to cherish and love
As sanctioned by the Gods above

So possess but not as a possession
Love but not as an obsession
And when you zip in and out of those bursting lanes
Be thankful for what fate ordains
At the end of the day she is your all
She’s the only one who’ll break your fall.


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