She replied…"Dimensions to Individuality"

March 1, 2005

Sound logic to expect a sun
Among the countless stars on the run,
To stand up and stand out
Wave his arms, sing and shout
But the multitude is not just gray
They think and feel in different ways
Shine an individual spotlight
On the little candle, and he’ll burn bright
Drown him in a blaze of sunshine
And you instigate his instant decline
Capture a firefly in your hands
And he doesn’t know where he stands
Watch him seeking his source of light
And you’ll see him glitter,
Glimmer in the opaque night
Trap and chain the midnight wind?
Count the convolutions of the mind?
Cut the strings that tie and bind
Feel the wind, free the mind
Three sides to a story
Countless sides to truth
Three dimensions to youth
A fourth to emotions—
Bound by the notion
Of commonality,
We risk drowning in the ocean
Of conventionality
Float on gilt-edged dreams
Don’t shrink from exposure
Love will hold together the seams
Compassion provide the closure
Of deep wounds, elusive as moonbeams—
And everything will be as it seems,
None larger, none smaller,
None stronger, none weaker
None different, yet none similar.


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