Her assurance…"Love in Stages"

March 1, 2005

Love in Stages

When you want the dusky day to enclose
To shroud alike the covered and the exposed
When you want to turn tears to sunshine
Ice to flames, stone to heart
Hell to heaven, vulgar to divine
Fears to hope, blunt the dart
Turn from the coarse to the sublime—
When the eyes dare to initiate the game,
Call the heart, set the soul on flame
Windows shuttered, don’t draw the blinds
—our bodies follow the call of the mind……
In wafts the scent of your desire
Flesh tingles, senses are on fire
Deathly swift, passion takes us higher
Onward bound, we soar above the mire
Darkness to light, night to day
We’ve found the path, we’re on our way
Fleeting passion is not to blame
Everything has changed, though it’s the same
The soul feels, the mind knows
The eyes see—the love, only grows.


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