A Story in Verse

February 28, 2005

There is a story waiting to be told… of two souls who chanced upon each other when wandering the vast corridors of silent thoughts. A story of a relationship that transcended the barriers of time, age and space… of threads woven together by fate, lives that touched each other for a brief instant but left an impression seared in their hearts for eternity. These souls have become lost in the humdrum of life now, each trying to swim against the tide… their destinations differ, but their destinies are forever bound…… for love does not recognize the transience of life and time does not dim the memory of perfection found in a single moment of togetherness…

Their story began with a chance meeting on the internet… an astral connection, so to speak… and the words were quick to flow… poetry is the spark that kindled the first flame…

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  1. Hey Abhilasha,
    Welcome back!Swept by the tide of Virtual reality ? Why does it sound so familiar 😉

  2. lashu baby, how r u? howz ur proj goin??? take care n mail to the group…

  3. Been a while… back on campus now, so can be more regular with the posts…

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