Elysian Fields

October 10, 2004

The night is young and so are we—
Moonshine bouncing off the sea
Winding path through wooded lands
Pebbles adorn pristine sands
Silver oaks flank the way
Curling vines have their say
Starlight sprinkles dancing beams
The wind weaves magic through our dreams
Footsteps fall on Autumn’s gift
Laughter carries on the drift
Fingers carelessly entwined
Far from the foreground of the mind
Bodies close, within arm’s reach
Solitary figures on the beach
Voices filled with throbbing joy
One teasing, other blushing and coy
Gazes hold in burning bliss
Breathing stills, souls kiss
Flaming needs break the dike
Arms reach out, desires spike
Soft flesh cradled by the earth
Ache and yearn to prove their worth
Spent, wrapped in heaven’s tears
Oblivious as seconds turn to years
Lost in glorious Elysian Fields
Our love triumphs, eternity yields.



  1. looks like you’ve stopped blogging. all the best……..

  2. Hey Abhilasha,
    Should i call 911 ?(well..in india,its complicated 8-digit emergency numbers).Hope ur doing well.Would like to see u back in blogging!All the Best!

  3. Hey there,

    Had stopped blogging for a while… had a lot going on. Life’s much more settled now, got time to think. 🙂
    Looking forward to hearing from you guys again….


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