Scattered verses

September 21, 2004

I see you sometimes
in the smile of a stranger
and I wonder–
why do we suffer in silence?

When I meet the eye
of the next man,
I will see you…..

he glanced my way just now,
a stranger on a train–
there are still the miles
and other unnamed distances,
the silence won’t last much longer…..


During the day
I do sane things in a sane world–
when I see you in my dreams
I walk
a few feet above the ground
and all I am is
a heart beating your rhythm

Maybe this is love–
I would not know
the difference,
between wanting…..
and being wanted.
Is that why I’m hurting?


“Have you ever been in love?”
The question jolted me–
my best friend’s soft query
was a statement;
a heavy silence,
then our glances locked–
she wasn’t passing judgment,
only exposing me to
a truth best forgotten.

A gentle smile–
“How long will you hide
and how far will you run?
……You can’t outrun yourself.”

“Have you ever been in love?”
–how does one answer that–
“Yes” “No”, or
“I’m not sure”…..

I’m not sure;
but I do know
that I don’t run away and hide
when you turn to find me–
I don’t ever want
to outrun you
……does that mean
I’m in love with you?
I’m not sure.


There is a starkness
in the night air
that relieves–
the night needs no reasons,
no explanations
–only the willingness
to share its grief.

I am the night–
you will know that
when you fall
madly in love with me.


I’ve been waiting
for the right time–
for world peace
and eradication of hunger,
for ample rains,
good governance
and stock market boom,
for a shooting star
to wish upon,
for a sale at Natalia’s
and the Orion to show again,
for seafoam to wet my toes,
for a rainbow
and a box of Vochelle to share–
all the while waiting
for the perfect moment to say
“You are my world”.

You know I love you,
but I’ve been waiting
for the right moment to tell you
“I know it too”.


Our worlds are far apart,
but love is strong;
I will leave my world for yours–
question is,
will you leave yours for mine?


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