August 26, 2004

pilfer and loot my coffers—
plunder my treasures, but

don’t wake
the woebegone waif asleep
on my threshold, an arm

curled under,
grime lined cheeks suffused
with sleep-induced flush.

step around the bundle of rags
take me, but in silence—

don’t crush
dreams held in infant eyes,
cradled in trusting palms……

a smile teasing the corners
of her slightly parted lips

maybe hopes
of a burnished dawn, or
an alternate past lurk there.

Torment me,
let your hands run where they will,
in silence stoke the flames

in silence
I surrender, burn to embers
and scatter as ashes, to cast

upon the darkening night—
as ashes, I scatter in twilight……….

her smile deepens in the warmth
of dawn’s virgin blush

and creeps
up, into eyelids pregnant
with glorious dreams, and sleep.


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