August 26, 2004

Loneliness once said to me
“Come, let us be friends—
I must suffer my silence,
while you choose obscurity:
we’ll be alone together,
bonded we’ll be free
to determine whether
this is the end
or the beginning
of our seamless journey.”

Softly I replied,
shaking my head slightly—
“I must walk alone,
even loneliness is company:
to be free,
I must live a reality
where even nothing
into nothingness sinks,
and a void is………empty.”

Loneliness when you’re alone…loneliness when you’re not—either way, loneliness isn’t what we’re here to experience, it’s just a necessary lesson so we learn to recognize love when it does touch our lives. But sometimes, we get so used to the quiescent pleasure of loneliness, the piercing comfort of knowing there’s no one whose soul is bonded to ours, the bittersweet serenity that comes from seeing all too clearly that we are alone in our damnation, that we fail to distinguish the means out of our largely self-imposed confinement.

Don’t let’s confine ourselves…break out of it—there are ways, there must be, for escape into wider horizons. Find them.


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