August 23, 2004

Golden spangles of liquid heat leap all around me, flames licking at my bare skin and raven tresses. Consumed by passion, I sit upright inside the flickering blaze, my skin tingling with the acrid fumes of anger and slowly glazing to a deep crimson shade.

The fire is fuelled by the intensity of my desire, the futility of it all only serving to accelerate my racing pulse. The whites of my eyes melt from the extreme heat, little white rivulets sublimating as they emerge from the orbs. The tresses burst into flames, each strand an orange cord raging against the dictates of fate.

Tender flesh is now rock hard, an ounce of steel where it counts making the difference between fate and destiny. The trial by fire wipes away all fear and remorse, every shadow of doubt driven away by the heat of passion and self-destruction. Even as the fire burns, it cleanses…… breaking down only to rebuild.

Steel tempered in the cauldrons of life’s injustices, pure and molten, smoldering in wait for you. Destiny watches with bated breath, as you take centre stage to make the choice…. I am yours, to cast in the mold of your choosing. Mold me with care.


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