August 22, 2004

The faint fragrance of lavender wafts into my consciousness…a silent reminder of all that cannot be. Pearly clouds of nothingness wrap themselves around me, a complex spider’s web woven in threads of silver and violet, the threads running back and forth to form the fabric that clothes and binds me.

Dispersing through the air like mist, I am as cosmic dust scattered by a careless hand, diaphanous and barely visible. My identity? The threads you wove around me, they capture the essence of who I am… without your words and your touch, I am but a dream not yet dreamt. A light that can cast no shadow unless it meets with resistance.

Run your fingers down my cheek…..the emptiness your fingers graze, that is my reality. Swift as summer’s rain, the sharpness of mint, and ephemeral as innocence, I have existed in your memory for eternity.

I am the peace the earth craves during a slaughter, the silence grief encounters, the gentle touch of a midnight breeze, the stillness of death……with you always, yet never yours.

And you are……my dream within a dream. The unattainable.


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