August 19, 2004

Through tear-blurred irises I gaze upon an endless jade sea, the horizon made indistinct as much by the effortless blending of sea and sky as by my dew-drenched vision.

The soles of my feet rest upon undulating swells that sway languidly, tiny wavelets nipping at my toes like half a dozen grey teething pups.

Curiously enough, I do not sink—I remain where I am, suspended indefinitely upon the ephemeral hook of disillusionment. Fingers of ice grip my wrist, frigid arms pull me close in a freezing embrace and my breath catches in my throat, turning to icicles dangling useless in the recesses of my mouth.

A shiver runs through me, from the tips of my clammy toes to the follicles of blanched hair, hanging limp and heavy on my forehead, down to pendulous breasts sagging under the drenched weight of forsaken hopes. The steady spatter of rain drowns out the shrill faraway screeches of seagulls scrambling for shelter.

The raindrops fall on outstretched arms and trickle along the sides, little rivulets finding their way down alabaster skin and seeping through soaked sleeves to trace intimate patterns of regret.

Teal and grey swirls gather on my lashes and fall unheeded, like half-remembered words from long ago, whispered into the evening drizzle… where are those words now? Drowned in the limpness that is life, dissolving and disappearing in the indistinct seas of time, gazing at each other through a stranger’s eyes sometimes, when they chance upon one another……


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