The space-reality scale

August 12, 2004

Was pondering over my own impatience with things and people… and thinking, in comparison with so many others I know, I’m the very soul of patience. And still, there are times when I get mad at myself because I can’t wait a while more. What’s the hurry? We have the best life expectancy projections in millennia, travel is no longer time-consuming, nor is communication… in effect, all of this should leave us with more time on our hands for what really matters.

What really happens is, we get sucked into the vortex of mindless scurrying, and the adrenalin rush of hurry obliterates all else… to the point where to stop hurrying is akin to dying. Linear logic never seems to work in real-life. Parabolic assumptions, then… if we could optimize time even further by mechanizing more and more human functions, would the time we save be spent in joyful activities or in fervent pursuit of even more ways of expanding time? My bet is on the latter…and that’s how the war is lost.

It’s the age of instant coffee and instant nirvana, yes…and Kurt Cobain is a much-worshipped icon. But there are still some things that require TIME to really come into their own….seasons, for instance, and relationships too. In the hurry to get to the top, one fails to spot a few worn out rungs on the way where caution and care are more important than speed, for mere survival. On a straight road, no matter how many times you fall, you can still get up and make a run for it. Up a ladder (metaphorically speaking, of course), too many falls (or even a single hard fall) may be fatal.

If you measure time in years, you stand to lose much, including perspective. What are the past and the present? A continuous flux of “now”s that follow no Euclidean law of intersecting lines in space. Have you ever wondered how two-dimensional intersecting lines may in fact be on parallel planes on a three-dimensional scale?… discard the time dimension for a while, and try the space-reality dimension.

Pick a memory, any memory, and place it in its chronological niche. You have a picture in your head, right…now, take an emotion associated with that memory and view the same memory through the reality of that emotion. Do this at different times of the day, when you are in different moods, and note the thoughts in your head at each of those times. Also note down a colour that corresponds to how you are feeling at that point of time.

Do you see how your REALITY changes right in front of you? On the space-time scale, this is an impossibility, because the occurrence of an event is the irrefutable proof of its constancy in terms of content and sequence. On the space-reality scale, you know the NOW is the only reality, and everything that happens is not an isolated event, but an amalgamation of memory and emotion, a synergistic whole that has as its essence all the colours of the spectrum.

Emotions are like filter lenses…each one allows us to focus on a different portion of the same spectrum, while still knowing that it’s a whole. And memory acts as the prism that splits the spectrum into its splendid multi-hued range.

Know what this means? If only we can regulate our thinking to disregard the REALITY and IRREVOCABILITY of time, we can discard all the memories and emotions that cause us pain while still retaining those that bring joy, and with a little stringent application, even bridge that gap between the tangible and the intangible, between the concrete and the abstract, between matter and thought, maybe even between life and death. Who knows? It would be fun to try, anyhow.


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